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To keep memories is probably the most valuable thing you can do! Is there anything better than to enjoy the moment, while someone else takes care and creates beautiful photographs? Don’t you worry about photography – Be yourself and create something beautiful! Read on and learn how to create Engagement Photos that capture your real love!

Why are Engagement Photos important?

Engagement Photos are one of the first milestones in your wedding planning journey!

You have probably a ton of selfies on your mobile phone. But let’s be honest: those „photos“ are nice, but for some occasions you should leave your mobile phone beside.

A wedding counts probably as one of the three most important things you can do as a couple. It’s not only a wedding day, as you just begun a journey! After your engagement waits an exciting time full of dreaming and decision making.

If you decide to do an engagement photo session, you’ll keep those memories forever!

Couple photoshoot in Hamburg

Hamburg is the prettiest city in Germany. You can visit the old Speicherstadt (a UNESCO world heritage), relax on the beach at the Elbe, stroll around the Alster or enjoy the view of the port, right from the Landungsbrücken. There’s so much to see and explore in Hamburg!

You can find photos of different spots here:

Photo session in the Speicherstadt (click here)

Engagement photo session in the sand (click here)

Couple photoshoot at the Elbstrand (click here)

Posing and direction for engagement photos

You might ask yourself how to act in front of the camera… many people feel unsure about how to behave, but let’s keep things simple! If you want a true memory, you need to create a moment full of love.

Imagine that you’ll look at your engagement photos after 10 years. Which feelings do you want to have in mind? To remember pure joy and this warm feeling of love, you need to feel it right in the moment. If you only think about how to act, you’ll remember this uncertainty.

You can find some of my best tips on how to pose in this article (it’s in German, but Google Translate can help you out). Let me know if you have any questions!

If you want to have beautiful photos that capture your true love, don’t wait any longer and write me now! You can use the contact form or DM me on Instagram.

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